Men's Vinyl Clothing

Wether shiny or matt: With men's vinyl fashion by RIMO you are guaranteed to make a fashion statement. Choose a more subtle matt finish and let outsiders know only at a second glance that your beautiful RIMO coat is actually made of vinyl fabric - or put on a shiny appearance with bright colors like red, blue or green.

In addition to unobtrusive or opulent raincoats and men's vinyl capes, vinyl pants, vinyl shirts and rain jackets made of vinyl material are also part of our product range. Decide for yourself whether it should be 200g / sqm or 300g / sqm heavy vinyl fabric and choose one of more than 80 colors (!) from our huge color range. The choice is yours!

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  • Disco-Hemd "Tony"


    Tony Manero would not hesitate to buy it: Our disco shirt "Tony" adds the perfect disco outfit to your wardrobe. Jazzy, funky and shrill might be the best words to describe this garment and its eye-catching metallic colors. This shirt transforms you from that simple disco-goer to an extroverted incarnation of the Saturday-Night-Fever. Try it!

  • Vinyl Puffer Jacket "Ralf"

    from €419.33

    A wise man once said: PVC/PU always works on clothing - even in winter. And as we totally agree to this, we came up with the design idea for "Ralf". Despite the exaggerated use of vinyl material you know us for, this quilted jacket is totally winterproof and keeps your body warm even under outside freezing conditions - thanks to its two centimeters thick padding.

  • Cowboy Shirt "Ben"


    Yee-haw! Our shirt "Ben" with its brown colors takes you back to the days of the gunslingers and cowboys. The shiny applications on the collar, cuffs and slacks make this shirt clearly stand out from the crowd. Of course, other color combinations are also possible - but you might lose lots of its natural cowboy-style then!

  • Vinyl Shirt "Harvey"


    You always wanted to integrate vinyl fabrics into your everyday wardrobe, without attracting too much attention? Then our shirt "Harvey" is your perfect choice: In matte colors this garment just looks like an everyday shirt. Only a closer inspection reveals that this top is actually made of vinyl. But of course it wouldn't be made by RIMO, if "Harvey" would not also be available in eye-catching, shiny colors.

  • Coat "Torben"

    from €284.87

    Elegant simplicity or simple elegance? Choose your style: Our coat model "Torben" convinces with its narrow cut all the way. The simple design is broken only by one detail: The high-buttoned stand-up collar directly catches one's eye. A stiffened belt ensures a nice fit. An inner lining is possible for a surcharge.

  • Cape "Jörg"

    from €452.94

    Noble and exclusive, these are the words you are looking for when describing our model "Jane". It's mostly the long detachable tippet, which helps to make this extraordinary raincape standing out. It almost does not matter whether you choose a bright or a subtle color: this garment puts its wearer in any case in the center. In conjunction with the cape, the adjustable hood protects extremely well against rain and wind. The contrasting vinyl lining creates a fitting accent and underscores the high-quality picture that this cape already shows.

  • 3/4 Coat "Jochen"

    from €419.33

    Sporty-simple is what you want your new coat to be? Still fashionable and at best designed in a classic trench coat style? Then our coat Jochen is your model of choice. With all the typical details that make up a classic trench coat, this coat model is one of the most popular products in our range. The stand-up collar and the detachable hood are pleasing details. The attached siffened belt gives every male stature that certain something when worn.

  • Rain Jacket "Wolfgang"

    from €251.26

    Straightforward and pragmatic, that's how our rain jacket "Wolfgang" is best described in a few words. We have limited its design and cut to those aspects that you really want from a rock solid rain jacket: hood, zipper with a cover placket and pockets. This way, "Wolfgang" is equally reliable rain garment and everyday companion, without attracting too much attention. For those who like it a bit more extravagant, it's possible to have a contrast-colored soft-plastic lining.

  • Shirt "David"

    from €99.16

    Shirts can be classic and simple or fancy and extravagant. Our model "David" is both: It is based on a classic shirt cut , the desired amount of extravagance is provided by the vinyl material we use. Subtle: With a matte color choice it is hardly noticeable that this garment is not made of "normal" shirt fabric ...

  • Coat "Henry"

    from €461.34

    Chic and comfortable, that's how a coat should be. Our model "Henry" is your choice then: Based on classic men's coats from the UK, the wide design provides ample room for movement. A firmly attached tippet reliably lets any water drip off the coat even in heavy rainfall. A detachable hood contributes to ensuring that the wearer of this raincoat stays dry even in rainy autumn weather.

  • Cape "Isobert"

    from €293.28

    Our rain cape Isobert is a true quick-change artist: worn with or without the individually buttonable elements hood and tippet, this garment is suitable for extravagant occasions as well as everyday protection against any rain. Two arm holes with buttons and a small collar are further functional and visual details that complement this model.

  • copy of Coat "Guido"


    Sometimes raincoats are supposed to be simple and functional and simply protect against rain - sometimes they should also look very good. A real status symbol in this regard is our model "Guido". As one of our most elaborate coat models, this eye-catching garment combines all the features that make up for a distinctive trenchcoat character. A two-row buttoned high-yoke and a deep buttoned box pleat are just two of them. On request you can also make Guido even more opulent: with hood and cape.