Vinyl Blouses

Granted: Such a blouse made of high-quality vinyl material is a bit daring. But even those who are not material lovers, can make a significant fashion statement with our vinyl blouses. Just satin, silk and cotton are a bit boring in the long run, aren't they?

  • Puffy Blouse "Geneviève"


    Let this great combination of latex and latex material take you back to the 1930s: Our extremely opulent puffy blouse made of vinyl fabric with latex applications results, wether worn alone or in combination with other vinyl or latex clothing, in a wonderful outfit for everyday wear or for special occasions.

  • Vinyl Blouse "Johanna"

    from €133.61

    You already know those opulent puffed sleeve blouses made by RIMO. Now let's go one step further: Our new model "Johanna" has puffed sleeves from eye-catching PVC with a floral pattern. That unique touch lets you become the eye-catcher of every event.

  • Puffy Blouse "Mona"

    from €125.21

    Did you know that the now obsolete term "governess" derives from the latin word "gubernare"? Translated, that means something like "leading" or "guiding". In fact, the wearer of our blouse "Mona", which is inspired by the classic governess-clothing, can make an excellent and dominant leader, as this unique piece of clothing looks quite strict and dominant on the inclined spectator. This effect is achieved by a seven-centimeter high stand-up collar and the triple-buttoned cuffs on the sleeves.

  • Organza Blouse "Lisa"

    from €100.00

    We really don't like to say so, but sometimes not everything has to be made of vinyl material. We have implemented this thought in at least one of our garments: The sleeves of our model "Lisa" are not made of vinyl material but of airy organza. The result: Lisa does not look as opulent as our first blouse Mona, but remains true to the governess cut. A nice side effect: The organza puff sleeves allow more air circulation, which makes this garment suitable for warm weather.