Vinyl Skirts

They are almost classics suitable for everyday use and already became a part of mainstream society: vinyl skirts. This garment made of high-quality vinyl material provides this special dose of sexiness to your appearance. No matter which cut you decide on, you will certainly not only look good with a tight, long or wide RIMO skirt. Treat yourself to a vinyl skirt made by RIMO; made exclusively for you!

  • Vinyl Skirt "Johanna"

    from €125.21

    With "Johanna" we have added an elegant and wide swinging skirt with extra large hemline in our assortment. Choose from the large RIMO color chart and order our newest vinyl skirt in your favorite color!

  • Vinyl Skirt "Mascha"

    from €108.40

    With our sexy costume skirt "Mascha" you are always dressed properly. This tight-fitting and satin lined vinyl skirt clings sensually to the waist and hips, highlighting the female silhouette in just the right places. In combination with our jacket "Mascha", which is also made of vinyl fabric, you get an overall erotic outfit.

  • Long Skirt "Lea"

    from €108.40

    A long skirt like "Lea" is a must-have evening wear: with its beautiful length, this extremely slim and form-fitting cut model can be an elegant appearance for any occasion. With matching high heels and a sexy bodice, you can put on erotic accents, which can be further underscored by pulling the back and bottom opening zippers as far open as you like. In combionation with a more subtle wardrobe, Lea fits almost every daily occasion.

  • Circular Skirt "Sabine"

    from €125.21

    "Sabine" has a hem width of up to eight meters. We probably do not have to say anything more to make you want to have this imposing cirular skirt. Whether worn on festive occasions or just because you feel like it: With this skirt you are guaranteed to attract attention.

  • Pencil Skirt "Tanja"

    from €83.19

    Classic and shapely at the same time, that's our pencil skirt "Tanja". Designed based on a narrow pencil cut, this garment hugs your waist and legs, but still leaves enough room to move around - thanks to the back walking slit. With some high heels and a graceful gait, this pencil skirt will certainly draw some admiring glances at its wearer.