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Of course we also offer complete vinyl outfits: Browse through our range of complete vinyl outfits and chose, for example, a wonderful rain suit. Incidentally, our product packages are a bit cheaper compared to a single purchase!

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  • Vinyl Outfit "Johanna"

    from €251.26

    Your appearance on any party or event will be almost adorablewith this costume. Out two-piece outfit "Johanna" consists of a wide-swinging skirt with an extra large hemline and a blouse with eye-catching puff sleeves made of semi-transparent PVC with white floral pattern.

  • Ladies' Suit "Mascha"


    For an equally stylish and erotic appearance you are in the right place with our vinyl ladies' suit. Thanks to the elegant combination of a jacket and a skirt, both made of vinyl, this two-piece garment will create a tasteful outfit for evening events or festive occasions. Treat yourself to our elegant ladies' suit as a confident alternative to a classic dress!

  • Outfit "Lady Irina"


    Are you looking for an extraordinary and unusual outfit for an equally unusual party? Then our vinyl outfit "Lady Irina" is the right choice: two-toned and four-part, consisting of a skirt, a blouse, a bolero and a bodice, this combination of different RIMO products makes for an unforgettable appearance!

  • Rain Suit "Isolde"

    from €419.33

    Isolde + Isolde = Isolde! At least we thought so: Our dungarees "Isolde" combined with our windbreaker jacket "Isolde" results in our rain suit "Isolde". And with that you are well equipped for every storm and every change of weather at or on the oceans. Pants and jacket in combination keep almost every cold and wet things outside, which don't belong in the interior of this garment. In addition, both garments have a very wide cut, so that normal clothes fit underneath.