Vinyl Trousers

PVC Pants? That's another thing we can produce: Discover our pleated trousers, breeches and dungarees made of the finest vinyl material and complete your RIMO outfit with a matching leg dress. You can choose from different materials and more than 80 different colors!

  • Flap Trousers "Isolde"

    from €217.65

    In particularly stormy or other adverse weather at and on the oceans, a raincoat or a cape is sometimes not enough to protect against wind and rain. Blesses is he or she, who got the perfect rain protection gear with them - and with our rain bib "Isolde" in addition to any raincoat or cape you are really protected. At the waist and just above the ankles of this model, we have incorporated adjustable straps to prevent cold and wet from entering into the trousers.

  • Pleated Pants "Maria"

    from €167.23

    Pleated trousers have been very trendy in the late 1970s, first in men's fashion and later also for ladies. RIMO brings back that classic trouser cut, which provides more space at the hip area and thus more freedom of movement thanks to the folds on the waistband. This pleated vinyl trousers features a five centimeter high waistband and two side pockets. Optional and for a surcharge it is possible to get a polyester lining.

  • Breeches "Kim"

    from €175.63

    Our robust vinyl material is suitable for many applications. With its water-repellent and washable properties, it is a good choice for horse riding clothes, for example. For this reason, our model Kim has been given a number of design elements that make it a very passable breeches: an extra-high waistband, for example, keeps the shirt or blouse from slipping out of the pants when there is too much movement and rubber loops for under the soles prevents the breeches fromt slipping up in the boots.