In this section you will find our complete collection of women's fashion made of vinyl, latex and plastic.

Regardless of whether you are looking for latex wear, vinyl jackets or just general rainwear: browse through our wide range of women's fashion made from unusual but high-quality materials. Raincoats, vinyljackets and latexcapes can be found here as well as skirts, trousers, blouses and much more!

  • Quilted Coat "Wanda"


    Our quilted coat "Wanda" makes makes a perfect winter garment: With a tailored fit, a two-way zipper and a hood, this vinyl winter coat defies even icy temperatures and snowfall. The two-centimeter thick padding keeps the inside of this coat nice and warm, while you are enchanting the winter landscape with this wonderful glossy vinyl material on the outside.

  • Raincoat "Carmen"

    from €502.52

    Beautifully tailored and figure-hugging cut our model "Carmen" emphasizes the female figure in exactly the right places and leaves some men's hearts beat faster. In combination with matching high-heels, this extraordinary coat will bring a feminine elegance to the street that is second to none. Incidentally, coat Carmen is particularly attractive when worn ankle-length.

  • Raincoat "Henriette"

    from €461.34

    Equally stylish and comfortable is our model Henriette. This raincoat is particularly noticeable because there are no sleeve seams. A tightly attached tippet protects you additionally from rain. The hood is detachable and can be individually adjusted by a drawstring. An inside pocket and two slanted flap pockets provide plenty of storage space.

  • Raincoat "Elena"

    from €444.54

    Our raincoat Elena is one of our most modern models and is based on a cutting-edge cut: slightly flared at the waist, waisted and closable by the deployable collar this coat exudes dominance, independence and self-confidence.

  • Storm-Raincoat "Marlies"

    from €552.94

    You thought, you could already completely "wrap up" in our coat Louretta? Then you have not yet seen our coat "Marlies": This extraordinary garment is a real "storm raincoat"! Thanks to the extra-high (14 centimeters) collar stormy rain weather can affect you as little as the whipping spray of the troubled sea. The hood, which can be pulled tight right up to the eyes, provides further shelter against any foul weather. A raincoat for real coat lovers!

  • Corsage "Sigrid"

    from €293.28

    Sometimes it needs to be a narrow waist, so that an outfit made of our high-quality vinyl material really shows to advantage. That's why we have included the corsage "Sigrid" in our product range. This model convinces by a particularly stable processing. The front part is closed by hooks and eyes of high-quality metal.

  • Quilted Wintercape...

    from €587.39

    Even in winter, nobody has to pass on his beloved vinylcape when going outisde. An appropriate lining makes it possible - and in the case of our model "Brigitte" this means: A two-centimeter thick padding, stitched between the inner and outer material. This gives this winter-ready cape an equally unique and idiosyncratic look. By the way, coats, capes and jackets in quilted design are quite popular, especially in Russia. And slowly this trend spills over into our western realm.

  • Jumpsuit "Sophia"

    from €242.86

    We've heard that comfortable jumpsuits are absolutely in vogue nowadays and that vinyl overalls are demanded more than ever. Because we are such good listeners, we have now designed our first overall "Sophia". This very special full-body jumpsuit is equipped with elastic bands at the waist, the wrists and the ankles - what ensures an optimal fit. A two-way zipper at the front supports putting the overall on. The high stand-up collar is another optical detail.

  • Quilted Winter Jacket...

    from €419.33

    A wise man once said: PVC/PU always works on clothing - even in winter. And as we totally agree to this, we came up with the design idea for "Chantal". Despite the exaggerated use of vinyl material you know us for, this quilted jacket is totally winterproof and keeps your body warm even under outside freezing conditions - thanks to its two centimeters thick padding.

  • Ladies' Suit "Mascha"


    For an equally stylish and erotic appearance you are in the right place with our vinyl ladies' suit. Thanks to the elegant combination of a jacket and a skirt, both made of vinyl, this two-piece garment will create a tasteful outfit for evening events or festive occasions. Treat yourself to our elegant ladies' suit as a confident alternative to a classic dress!

  • Puffy Blouse "Geneviève"


    Let this great combination of latex and latex material take you back to the 1930s: Our extremely opulent puffy blouse made of vinyl fabric with latex applications results, wether worn alone or in combination with other vinyl or latex clothing, in a wonderful outfit for everyday wear or for special occasions.

  • PVC Suit "Palina"


    Jogging suit? Party outfit? Leisure Dress? For whatever occasion you want to use our plastic suit "Palina" - you are guaranteed to cut a fine figure. Consisting of a cuddly PVC pants and a lightweight PVC jacket, this outfit features various smoked parts. These in combination with the extremely supple plastic material ensure a comfortable fit.