In this section you will find our complete collection of women's fashion made of vinyl, latex and plastic.

Regardless of whether you are looking for latex wear, vinyl jackets or just general rainwear: browse through our wide range of women's fashion made from unusual but high-quality materials. Raincoats, vinyljackets and latexcapes can be found here as well as skirts, trousers, blouses and much more!

  • PVC Suit "Palina"


    Jogging suit? Party outfit? Leisure Dress? For whatever occasion you want to use our plastic suit "Palina" - you are guaranteed to cut a fine figure. Consisting of a cuddly PVC pants and a lightweight PVC jacket, this outfit features various smoked parts. These in combination with the extremely supple plastic material ensure a comfortable fit.

  • PVC Trousers "Palina"


    Comfortable and yet somehow special - that's how we would describe our plastic pants "Palina". The most striking feature here is the smocking technique used on the waistband and leg hems, which ensures comfortable wearing and at the same time a perfect comfort . These women's trousers are available in all PVC colors being listed on our color chart.

  • Governess Blouse "Ira"

    from €214.66

    Obviously latex has a reputation for being a little wicked and in particular being used in the BDSM scene. And what could be better than to completely fulfill such clichés? With our strict governess blouse "Ira" you are on the right track. Wear it in combination with high waited pants or a tight pencil skirt, and your dominant appearance is complete.

  • Jumpsuit "Sophia"

    from €249.14

    We've heard that comfortable jumpsuits are absolutely in vogue nowadays and that vinyl overalls are demanded more than ever. Because we are such good listeners, we have now designed our first overall "Sophia". This very special full-body jumpsuit is equipped with elastic bands at the waist, the wrists and the ankles - what ensures an optimal fit. A two-way zipper at the front supports putting the overall on. The high stand-up collar is another optical detail.

  • Quilted Coat "Wanda"


    Our quilted coat "Wanda" makes makes a perfect winter garment: With a tailored fit, a two-way zipper and a hood, this vinyl winter coat defies even icy temperatures and snowfall. The two-centimeter thick padding keeps the inside of this coat nice and warm, while you are enchanting the winter landscape with this wonderful glossy vinyl material on the outside.

  • Trenchcoat "Dodie"

    from €507.76

    Your trend coat for 2019: With its classic trench coat cut, our coat model "Dodie" looks both timeless and elegant. The double-breasted button placket with stylish four-hole-buttons, two decorative straps on the shoulders and a curved back yoke stand out visually. As a bright white vinyl/PVC coat and combined with black and white accessories, you almost reach the perfect reminiscence to Cruella de Vil. Of course, all other colors from our large vinyl fabric color palette are also available for this coat.

  • PVC Dress "Lillith"


    Like your outfits a little sinful? Then our PVC dress "Lillith" is the right choice. Smocked inserts on cuffs, waist and collar, this dress nestles itself pleasantly to your body despite large hem width of 6-7 meters. Combined with the right accessories and with its wearer moving forward energetically, this elegantly resonating garment shows off a wicked presence that is second to none.

  • PVC Trousers "Marlene"


    The so-called Marlene trousers was probably made famous by Marlene Diedrichs - and that as early as the 1930s. But even today, almost 90 years later, this extremely wide trouser shape has lost none of its great charm. It suits to sporty outfits as well as we to an elegant wardrobe and is therefore always the right choice. And now they are even made of soft plastic (PVC)!

  • Outfit "Geneviève"

    from €430.17

    Allow yourself to get carried away by this awesome combination of shiny latex and vinyl in the style of the 1930s: Under the classic latex short cape with polyester lining and vinyl facings, a latex skirt and a vinyl blouse with latex applications and puffed sleeves complete this extraordinary outfit.

  • Romantic Cape "Arwen"


    Ever wanted to go for a stroll along the lake in the evening moonlight "elfin type" like in a fairy tale? Visit the opera wrapped in an extravagant cape? Or just being draped in beautiful vinyl clothes to attract the attention of others? Then treat yourself to our romantic vinyl cape "Arwen" and let your dreams come true: With its extra large hemline and wide-cut hood, this garment could have arisen directly from a fairytale.

  • Vinyl Outfit "Johanna"

    from €257.76

    Your appearance on any party or event will be almost adorablewith this costume. Our two-piece outfit "Johanna" consists of a wide-swinging skirt with an extra large hemline and a blouse with eye-catching puff sleeves made of semi-transparent PVC with white floral pattern.

  • Vinyl Skirt "Johanna"

    from €128.45

    With "Johanna" we have added an elegant and wide swinging skirt with extra large hemline in our assortment. Choose from the large RIMO color chart and order our newest vinyl skirt in your favorite color!