In this section you will find our complete collection of women's fashion made of vinyl, latex and plastic.

Regardless of whether you are looking for latex wear, vinyl jackets or just general rainwear: browse through our wide range of women's fashion made from unusual but high-quality materials. Raincoats, vinyljackets and latexcapes can be found here as well as skirts, trousers, blouses and much more!

  • Romantic Cape "Arwen"


    Ever wanted to go for a stroll along the lake in the evening moonlight "elfin type" like in a fairy tale? Visit the opera wrapped in an extravagant cape? Or just being draped in beautiful vinyl clothes to attract the attention of others? Then treat yourself to our romantic vinyl cape "Arwen" and let your dreams come true: With its extra large hemline and wide-cut hood, this garment could have arisen directly from a fairytale.

  • Ladies' Suit "Mascha"


    For an equally stylish and erotic appearance you are in the right place with our vinyl ladies' suit. Thanks to the elegant combination of a jacket and a skirt, both made of vinyl, this two-piece garment will create a tasteful outfit for evening events or festive occasions. Treat yourself to our elegant ladies' suit as a confident alternative to a classic dress!

  • Cape "Nina"

    from €444.54

    Who buys one Nina, gets almost three capes in one: Due to the modular structure of this very special model, it is possible to freely combine the front tippet, the back tippet and the hood with each other. So wear either only one of the tippets, the entire tippet, the hood and all or just parts of it combined. No matter how you perform Nina, admiring glances from those around you are sure to make you feel at home in this luxurious and imposing piece of clothing.

  • Vinyl Skirt "Mascha"

    from €108.40

    With our sexy costume skirt "Mascha" you are always dressed properly. This tight-fitting and satin lined vinyl skirt clings sensually to the waist and hips, highlighting the female silhouette in just the right places. In combination with our jacket "Mascha", which is also made of vinyl fabric, you get an overall erotic outfit.

  • Raincoat "Jenny"

    from €461.34

    Our raincoat "Jenny" is made with all the classic trench coat details: epaulets, deep flap pockets and a quilted belt are just as much a part of the features as the top sleeves and buttoned front and back cape collars. Concise detail at the back of this coat is a deep box pleat.

  • 3/4 Latex Coat "Bea"

    from €578.99

    This coat fits easily on every occasion: Thanks to its high-necked trench coat cut, our model "Bea" is perfectly suitable for everyday use. Whether as a fashion accessory or as a light rain cover - with this 3/4 coat you always cut a good figure. The practical fastening by and the fashionable collar are pleasing details.

  • Vinylcoat "Amanda"

    from €503.36

    Tastes are known to be very different. Some people wear quite extravagant dress styles, others prefer elegant. Then again some of you like it a bit military styled. Our model "Amanda" appeals to those of you who prefer trench coats in a slightly military-inspired style. Overall, this coat impresses with a simple, timeless and sophisticated elegance.

  • Vinyl Jacket "Mascha"

    from €251.26

    So damn sexy and fashionable up-to-date - that's our wonderful vinyl jacket "Mascha". Worn as a standalone garment, it adds a certain erotic touch to your everyday outfit and goes well with tight jeans, for example. But ultimately this jacket fits best with our matching skirt of the same name.

  • Rain Cape "Mia"

    from €268.07

    You want to be equally well dressed and having dry clothes during rain? Then you should take a look at our Cape "Mia": This classic rain cape makes you always look good - especially when you've been left out in the rain. The detachable hood is quite functional and can be lashed or loosened as required thanks to a drawstring and two closing straps.

  • 3/4 Coat "Amelie"

    from €377.31

    A little playful and almost cute-charming - that's how we would describe our 3/4 coat "Amelie" in just a few words. This coat is equipped with two small and loose front cape collars and a back yoke - both optical details that make up the special charm of this garment. "Amelie" is optionally available with contrasting elements (belts, lapel trimmings and buttons) or one-colored.

  • Blouson "Marilyn"


    Our waist-length vinyl jacket "Marilyn" gets a blousy shape through its elastic cuffs at the sleeves and the bottom.The standard version of this blouson is made from strictly limited vinyl material, which is decorated with the likenesses of the 1950s stars Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and Elvis Presley.

  • Outfit "Lady Irina"


    Are you looking for an extraordinary and unusual outfit for an equally unusual party? Then our vinyl outfit "Lady Irina" is the right choice: two-toned and four-part, consisting of a skirt, a blouse, a bolero and a bodice, this combination of different RIMO products makes for an unforgettable appearance!