Men's Latex Clothing

Sensuality and sex appeal are what latex basically stands for. But above everything else it stand for a self-confident clothing style that can be perfectly integrated into everyday life - or enjoyed in seductive situations for a little surprise.

Our men's latex clothing picks up this motif and offers latex garments, which can just be worn as a useful and sturdy protection against wind and rain or as a fashion statement. Chose from our wide range of latex products and treat yourself a latex coat, a latex cape or any other garment made from latex.

  • Cape "Arnold"

    from €469.75

    When we designed our model "Arnold", we had those many fans of heavy rainwear among you in mind, who always wanted a classic raincoat made of heavy latex rubber. No need to wait any longer: Our Cape "Arnold" meets all the requirements for useful rainwear and combines these elements with the sensual features of our high-quality latex material.

  • Latex Jeans "Robert"

    from €209.24

    Yet today's customers expect something more. More latex for example. In this sense a latex pants as a complement to our other latex outerwear would be a perfect choice. Our latex jeans "Robert" is a good fit then: Designed in a classic denim cut, these pants will match any outfit.

  • Latex Shirt "Rene"

    from €150.42

    Our model "Rene" is a sporty short-sleeved shirt. This garment complements the summer wardrobe of any latex fan - whether closed to the top or unbuttoned, with this latex shirt you will always be extremely casual.

  • Parka "Mikkel"

    from €461.34

    Slightly shorter than our model "Mirko" and without breast pockets: That's our model "Mikkel". The hood solution remains consistent: inseparably attached to jacket, the hood can be closed up to the tip of your nose with a continuous zipper. If you then further close the hood with the drawstring, stormy rainy weather can no longer harm you.

  • Parka "Mirko"

    from €503.36

    "Because Pirko felt so lonely, the latex god gave him a brother: Mirko." Something like this could be the "genesis" of our latest latex parka model. And even if the two Parkas are largely identical, they are not twins: Mirko is equipped with an attached hood, which can be closed up to the tip of the nose thanks to the continuous zipper.

  • Slip-In-Cape "Kevin"

    from €335.29

    Our Latexcape "Kevin" comes up with a quite sporty appearance. The casual cut and of course the peculiarities of a Slip-In-Cape let this garment clearly stand out from our other cape collection. The short button placket continues from the collar to the hood and allows the hood to be closeed over the tip of the nose.

  • Cape "Kurtis"

    from €352.10

    No matter if it's the weather, the material or other reasons: sometimes you just want to "cuddle" yourself into your cape and close yourself off from the outside world. Thanks to its tight-fitting hood with a drawstring, our Cape "Kurt" offers exactly this possibility. A deep box pleat in the back and two buttoned arm holes provide ample room for movement.

  • Rubbercoat "Guido"

    from €956.30

    Each of our latex coats is very impressing. With our model "Guido" we have a set on it: Numerous details such as back pleat, a yoke and various straps make this rubber coat in conjunction with the high-quality and heavy latex material used one of our most elaborate and eye-catching products ever. Treat yourself to this luxury coat and give your appearance a completely new presence!

  • Rubbercoat "Dieter"

    from €713.45

    It does not always have to be dainty-elegant: our model "Diter" comes along rather bulky-rough and gives you a completely different appearance during the walk. Exalted glances from evasing pedestrians are sure to come as you perform this garment with self-confident stride and your head held high. Try it. But beware: This coat is made of heavy latex material and is best worn by sufficiently muscular and practiced shoulders.

  • Latex Coat "Rolf"

    from €587.39

    Rolf is that timeless classic among our latex coats, that any fashion product range needs to have. Without any fashionable gimmicks and with an essential cut, this garment is a real understatement. A practical two-way zipper allows the closure of the coat from above and/or from below. A buttoned cover placket above the zipper additionally protects against rain. The hood is detachable by buttons.

  • Cape "Gerd"

    from €394.12

    A true classic is our latex cape "Gerd". Designed in a typical men's cape style with a visible front button placket, this piece of clothing leaves nothing to be desired among Cape friends. The hood is detachable, two closing straps and an additional drawstring guarantee a good fit.

  • Cape "Karl"

    from €352.10

    Did you ever ask yourselves, if there is an absolut classic in our range of products? If you did, here is your answer: Absolutely! "Karl" is one of the first rain capes ever made by RIMO. As simple as it is, this model has become an absolute favorite among our customers. And now it is even available made of latex! The hood is fastened with snaps and protects against rain if necessary. An approximately ten centimeter high collar, two buttoned arm holes and concealed press buttons as a front closure make this cape a wonderful and versatile companion for any occasion.