Rain Capes

No matter if you are looking for a classic waterproof rain cape, a reversible rain cape with a hood our just a simple men's rain cape: At RIMO you'll find exactly the raincapes and rainwear in general you're looking for.

There are over 80 colors to choose from. Alternatively it is possible to get your RIMO raincape made of pure and transparent soft-plastic (100% PVC). Just ask us, we are happy to make your rain cape from PVC or other materials, too.

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  • Cape "Jörg"

    from €452.94

    Noble and exclusive, these are the words you are looking for when describing our model "Jane". It's mostly the long detachable tippet, which helps to make this extraordinary raincape standing out. It almost does not matter whether you choose a bright or a subtle color: this garment puts its wearer in any case in the center. In conjunction with the cape, the adjustable hood protects extremely well against rain and wind. The contrasting vinyl lining creates a fitting accent and underscores the high-quality picture that this cape already shows.

  • Cape "Isobert"

    from €293.28

    Our rain cape Isobert is a true quick-change artist: worn with or without the individually buttonable elements hood and tippet, this garment is suitable for extravagant occasions as well as everyday protection against any rain. Two arm holes with buttons and a small collar are further functional and visual details that complement this model.

  • Cape "William"

    from €335.29

    British-elegance is it, what describes our rain cape "William" at best. Based on the famous Mackintosh style typical for rainwear on the british islands, a double-breasted button placket and a buttonable collar fastening to protect the lower face against wind and rain are the defining characteristics of this model's understated elegance.

  • Cape "Bertram"

    from €335.29

    Really, a rain cape with a belt? Well, it's those crazy designers over at RIMO, who came up with this strange idea: Our model Bertram comes as a particularly eye-catching garment and stands out clearly from classic capes by its included belt. Anyways, it also comes with all the features you would expect from a high quality rain cape: A Hood with a drawstring and adjustable locking latches, a tippet and a storm-proof button row at the front. All these details allow different wearing styles. A complete vinyl lining completes this really extravagant design.

  • 3/4 Cape "Kurt"

    from €158.82

    If it protects from rain, it is a good rain cape. If it also makes his wearer look good, it is an excellent rain cape. Our model "Karin" meets both requirements: As an extremely practical garment it can be your daily companion and reliably protect you from wind and rain when needed. With its short cut and sleek design, this cape does not stand out, but at the same time goes down well as a pretty fashion accessory.

  • Cape "Dennis"

    from €242.86

    There isn't just one way to design a cape. Our model "Dennis" is kind of a perfect example for that: This men's cape stands out from others by an interesting collar and zipper solution. A 30 cm long zipper opens the collar area up to chest level. An underlying vinyl godet prevents the ingress of rain despite extended room for movement in the neck area. Arm holes are not provided in the basic version of this cape.

  • Cape "Dirk"

    from €251.26

    Absolutely clubbable and suitable for everyday use, that's our rather simple held raincoat "Dirk". Especially in shiny blue or black as well as in matte colors, this garment can become your everyday and unobtrusive companion on rainy days. The attached hood provides sufficient protection against rain. Ample room for movement is ensured by the extra-long arm holes.

  • Cape "Nino"

    from €444.54

    If you buy one Nino, you almost get three capes in one: Due to the modular structure of this very special model, it is possible to freely combine the front tippet, the back tippet and the hood with each other. So wear either only one of the tippets, the entire tippet, the hood and all or just parts of it combined. No matter how you perform Nino, admiring glances from those around you are sure to make you feel at home in this luxurious and imposing piece of clothing.

  • Reversible Poncho "Axel"

    from €478.15

    Sometimes it's not that easy with the decision-making process: Should it be the bright red rain cape tonight, or rather a bit more discreet in black? With our reversible poncho "Axel", you can easily opt for either - or any other color combination according to our color chart. If you no longer like your spontaneous color choice in the course of the evening, or if you generally want to wear a different color, simply reverse this cape. In addition to this peculiarity, Axel has everything you could wish for a poncho-style rain cape.