Vinyl Jackets

Looking for a men's vinyl puffer jacket? Or just a plain PVC jacket for men? No need so search any longer: RIMO offers a wide variety of jackets made from vinyl fabric. It's even possible to get a PU Jacket with faux fur - just have a look at our Parka and its winter package.

  • Vinyl Puffer Jacket "Ralf"

    from €419.33

    A wise man once said: PVC/PU always works on clothing - even in winter. And as we totally agree to this, we came up with the design idea for "Ralf". Despite the exaggerated use of vinyl material you know us for, this quilted jacket is totally winterproof and keeps your body warm even under outside freezing conditions - thanks to its two centimeters thick padding.

  • Vinyl Puffer Jacket "Liam"

    from €394.12

    You do not want to give up on your beloved vinyl fabric, but do also want wrap yourself up in warm clothing for your winter walks and strolls? Or are you just looking for an extraordinary winter jacket that stands out from the mainstream? Then our quilted vinyl jacket "Liam" is just the right choice. Available in all colors of our extensive vinyl color chart, the polyester padding of this jacket keeps you warm in the cold season and attracts positive attention at the same time.

  • Rain Jacket "Wolfgang"

    from €251.26

    Straightforward and pragmatic, that's how our rain jacket "Wolfgang" is best described in a few words. We have limited its design and cut to those aspects that you really want from a rock solid rain jacket: hood, zipper with a cover placket and pockets. This way, "Wolfgang" is equally reliable rain garment and everyday companion, without attracting too much attention. For those who like it a bit more extravagant, it's possible to have a contrast-colored soft-plastic lining.

  • Parka "Pirko"

    from €377.31

    Let's be honest: An Army Parka may be very practical with its weather resistance and many pockets. But do you really want to wear a garment made for military use in everyday life? Rather, grab our Parka Pirkko - which is at least as practical as the fashion sin of the Army, but looks much more elegant and fashionable. For winter usage, get an optional button-down faux fur lining and an extra faux-fur lined hood.