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Vinyl clothing is not always just about coats and capes. Just have a look at our men's vinyl shirts: Classic and extravagant at the same time, those garments put you instantly in the forefront. Unless you chose inconspicuous matt vinyl material for your shirt

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  • Disco-Hemd "Tony"


    Tony Manero would not hesitate to buy it: Our disco shirt "Tony" adds the perfect disco outfit to your wardrobe. Jazzy, funky and shrill might be the best words to describe this garment and its eye-catching metallic colors. This shirt transforms you from that simple disco-goer to an extroverted incarnation of the Saturday-Night-Fever. Try it!

  • Cowboy Shirt "Ben"


    Yee-haw! Our shirt "Ben" with its brown colors takes you back to the days of the gunslingers and cowboys. The shiny applications on the collar, cuffs and slacks make this shirt clearly stand out from the crowd. Of course, other color combinations are also possible - but you might lose lots of its natural cowboy-style then!

  • Vinyl Shirt "Harvey"


    You always wanted to integrate vinyl fabrics into your everyday wardrobe, without attracting too much attention? Then our shirt "Harvey" is your perfect choice: In matte colors this garment just looks like an everyday shirt. Only a closer inspection reveals that this top is actually made of vinyl. But of course it wouldn't be made by RIMO, if "Harvey" would not also be available in eye-catching, shiny colors.

  • Shirt "David"

    from €99.16

    Shirts can be classic and simple or fancy and extravagant. Our model "David" is both: It is based on a classic shirt cut , the desired amount of extravagance is provided by the vinyl material we use. Subtle: With a matte color choice it is hardly noticeable that this garment is not made of "normal" shirt fabric ...