Vinyl Trousers

Looking for vinyl trousers in black or red? Just have a look at our selection of PU trousers: Discover a fresh new style for your wardrobe and find make a real style statement - with an edgy pair of vinyl trousers made of matt or high gloss PVC from RIMO!

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  • Quilted Dungarees "Rudolf"

    from €293.28

    We've been thinking long and hard about how to make our popular vinyl clothing winterproof. In addition to attachable faux fur lining we had the idea of a a quilted padding in mind. From this first thought our dungarees Rudolf emerged: In quilted design and with a two inches thick padding between the outer material and the inner lining, these pants are absolutely suitable for winter. At least the weather is no longer a reason to refrain from wearing vinyl clothing.

  • Jeans "Nico"

    from €167.23

    Jeans are usually made of a sturdy, blue cotton twill. But in the long run that is a bit boring, right? At least, that's what we thought und therefor used our proven robust vinyl material to produce the first RIMO-Jeans. So, if you've always wanted a slightly fancier pair of jeans, our "Nico" is the perfect choice.

  • Guild Trousers "Mario"

    from €251.26

    We live the philosophy that every garment can be made of vinyl material. What's more: Vinyl material significantly enhances every garment. So why shouldn't that apply to classic guild trousers? The answer to this question is our model "Mario".