Looking for that heavy latex raincoat from your desires? Or should it be that classic yellow latex coat from the past? You can stop your search and come to RIMO - your reliable latex manufacturer from germany. Just browse through our range of latex coats for men and chose the one, which fits your expextations.

No matter what you are looking for, you may find it in our webshop. And if not, just tell us your desires, we will be happy to make you an offer without any obligation!

  • Premium Coat "Vitorio"

    from €1,301.68

    If luxury had a name - we would call it "Vitorio". This opulent latex coat is virtually the Rolls-Royce of all the products we ever produced: two front button plackets, various straps and a wonderfully wide tippet are among the elaborate features of this coat made of heavy latex material and complemented by vinyl material panels in your desired color.

  • Latex Coat "Rolf"

    from €587.39

    Rolf is that timeless classic among our latex coats, that any fashion product range needs to have. Without any fashionable gimmicks and with an essential cut, this garment is a real understatement. A practical two-way zipper allows the closure of the coat from above and/or from below. A buttoned cover placket above the zipper additionally protects against rain. The hood is detachable by buttons.

  • Rubbercoat "Guido"

    from €956.30

    Each of our latex coats is very impressing. With our model "Guido" we have a set on it: Numerous details such as back pleat, a yoke and various straps make this rubber coat in conjunction with the high-quality and heavy latex material used one of our most elaborate and eye-catching products ever. Treat yourself to this luxury coat and give your appearance a completely new presence!

  • Rubbercoat "Dieter"

    from €713.45

    It does not always have to be dainty-elegant: our model "Diter" comes along rather bulky-rough and gives you a completely different appearance during the walk. Exalted glances from evasing pedestrians are sure to come as you perform this garment with self-confident stride and your head held high. Try it. But beware: This coat is made of heavy latex material and is best worn by sufficiently muscular and practiced shoulders.