Ladies' Vinyl Clothing

Choose from our extensive collection of vinyl fashion! In addition to our core business, raincoats and capes made of sturdy and, of course, weatherproof vinyl material, we also produce rainjackets, vinyl trousers and other vinyl clothing in our studio in Germany. You can choose between 300g / sqm or 200g / sqm vinyl material (PU or PVC coated polyester) in matt, glossy or metallic colors.

  • Pleated Pants "Maria"

    from €167.23

    Pleated trousers have been very trendy in the late 1970s, first in men's fashion and later also for ladies. RIMO brings back that classic trouser cut, which provides more space at the hip area and thus more freedom of movement thanks to the folds on the waistband. This pleated vinyl trousers features a five centimeter high waistband and two side pockets. Optional and for a surcharge it is possible to get a polyester lining.

  • Breeches "Kim"

    from €175.63

    Our robust vinyl material is suitable for many applications. With its water-repellent and washable properties, it is a good choice for horse riding clothes, for example. For this reason, our model Kim has been given a number of design elements that make it a very passable breeches: an extra-high waistband, for example, keeps the shirt or blouse from slipping out of the pants when there is too much movement and rubber loops for under the soles prevents the breeches fromt slipping up in the boots.

  • Dress "Thelma"

    from €310.08

    Sometimes a bit more is needed - when talking about our dress "Thelma" more vinyl material and more buttons that ist. This extraordinary vinyl dress impresses not only by its wide skirt and the long cut, but also by a front completely buttoned from the hem to the high stand-up collar. This formative style continues with the two wide cuffs, each with three buttons and the optional buttoned belt. You see: buttons, as far as the eye can reach!

  • Rockabilly Dress "Dorothy"

    from €293.28

    Of course, we can not and do not want to ignore the rockabilly trend that has lasted for years now. From the initial idea to incorporate a rockabilly-styled dress, after weeks of tinkering finally our model "Dorothy" emerged. This great dress gets attention especially by the extremely wide skirt part. In combination with a massive petticoat (not included!) this garment is almost a journey back in time to the 1950s. Not to be forgotten, of course, should be the shirt-style dress top.

  • Summer Dress "Jeanette"

    from €167.23

    Light weight and relaxed, that's how to describe our vinyl dress "Jeanette" in just a few words. We designed this garment for the warm summer season. No matter if you are looking for a garment for the day-to-day or for evenings in the restaurant - in this dress you will always cut in a fine figure. The ankle-length dress can be closed on six snaps at the front and has an elegant blazer collar. The bell-shaped skirt and the open lapels complete the appealing design.