Latex Jackets

Looking for a men's latex jacket? We got some: Browse our range of unique latex rain jackets and parkas! Our RIMO rubber jackets are a great addition to your wardrobe and give your everyday outfit that little extraordinary look, while being not too extravagant.

Bring your rubber wear to the next cocktail bar or just use it as an reliable companion for any foul weather. Your latex jacket, your choice!

  • Parka "Mikkel"

    from €461.34

    Slightly shorter than our model "Mirko" and without breast pockets: That's our model "Mikkel". The hood solution remains consistent: inseparably attached to jacket, the hood can be closed up to the tip of your nose with a continuous zipper. If you then further close the hood with the drawstring, stormy rainy weather can no longer harm you.

  • Parka "Mirko"

    from €503.36

    "Because Pirko felt so lonely, the latex god gave him a brother: Mirko." Something like this could be the "genesis" of our latest latex parka model. And even if the two Parkas are largely identical, they are not twins: Mirko is equipped with an attached hood, which can be closed up to the tip of the nose thanks to the continuous zipper.

  • Rubber Jacket "Arno"

    from €301.68

    Inconspicuous and latex - these are two terms that we would actually classify as an oxymoron. Our model "Arno" is probably the exception that proves the rule: In fact, this latex jacket comes along quite simple and unobtrusive. Perfect for all latex friends who do not want to attract everyone's attention in public.

  • Parka "Pirko"

    from €503.36

    Let's be honest: An Army Parky may be very practical with its weather resistance and many pockets. But do you really want to wear a garment made for military use in everyday life? Rather, grab our Parka Pirko - which is at least as practical as the fashion sin of the Army, but looks much more elegant and fashionable. For winter usage, you can get an optional detachable (by buttons) faux fur lining and an extra hood lined with faux fur!