Raincoats are exactly our thing - and have been since 1991! Browse our huge selection of Women's Coats for rainy and stormy autumn weather. Or treat yourself to a fashionable short coat made of PVC/PU material for the transitional period. Have you found your desired model, choose material and color from our wide color range or make even more customizations. For example, on some models you can opt for different inner lining (PVC/PU, plastic, nylon and even faux fur). Following your order, we may clarify further details with you and produce your coat exclusively for you in our studio in Wuppertal.

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  • Vinylcoat "Gaia"

    from €699.00

    Fashionable and functional at that, our raincoat Gaia is made of  robust PVC or PU material. This model can be fully closed in foul weather and provides superb protection against the wet. Its design is underscored by a classic cape cloak and a belt.

  • 3/4 Coat "Amelie"

    from €449.00

    A little playful and almost cute-charming - that's how we would describe our 3/4 coat "Amelie" in just a few words. This coat is equipped with two small and loose front cape collars and a back yoke - both optical details that make up the special charm of this garment. "Amelie" is optionally available with contrasting elements (belts, lapel trimmings and buttons) or one-colored.

  • 3/4 Coat "Sylvia"

    from €399.00

    Due to its bell-shaped cut our 3/4 coat Sylvia looks extremely coquettish. This wide cut makes it possible to wear thicker winter clothing such as fleece jackets or sweaters underneath. Customization options result from the selection of the material (200g/sqm or 300g/sqm vinylmaterial, each with a different color chart) and the buttons (metal or color matching vinylcoated). Further details are the polyester lining in a matching color and the metal buckle on the belt.

  • Quilted Coat "Wanda"


    Our quilted coat "Wanda" makes makes a perfect winter garment: With a tailored fit, a two-way zipper and a hood, this vinyl winter coat defies even icy temperatures and snowfall. The two-centimeter thick padding keeps the inside of this coat nice and warm, while you are enchanting the winter landscape with this wonderful glossy vinyl material on the outside.

  • Vinylcoat "Amanda"

    from €599.00

    Tastes are known to be very different. Some people wear quite extravagant dress styles, others prefer elegant. Then again some of you like it a bit military styled. Our model "Amanda" appeals to those of you who prefer trench coats in a slightly military-inspired style. Overall, this coat impresses with a simple, timeless and sophisticated elegance.

  • Raincoat "Henriette"

    from €529.00

    Equally stylish and comfortable is our model Henriette. This raincoat is particularly noticeable because there are no sleeve seams. A tightly attached pelerine protects you additionally from rain. The hood is detachable and can be individually adjusted by means of a drawstring and a drawstring. An inside pocket and two slanted flap pockets provide plenty of storage space.

  • Raincoat "Anita"

    from €549.00

    Classic and beautiful: Our model "Anita" leaves no wishes unfulfilled, especially among trenchcoat lovers. A small buttoned front yoke and an extra-wide box pleat at its back are delicate details. This exclusive coat is a match for any foul weather through its high-necked collar closed by a strap and the detachable cowl. Its fashionable impression is enhanced by two buttoned shoulder straps and an adjustable belt included in the package and made to underline your waistline as you like it.

  • Trenchcoat "Josie"

    from €529.00

    Unser Mantel "Josie" ist ein sportiver, einreihig verdeckt geknöpfter Trenchcoat in etwas schmalerer Schnittführung. Durch die an- und abknöpfbare Kapuze mit Lackfutter wird dieses Modell zu einem absolut schlechtwettertauglichen Regenmantel. Der zugehörige Montagegürtel betont die weibliche Figur. Weitere Details sind zwei geknöpfte Zierriegel auf den Schultern und einige Taschen für ausreichend Stauraum.

  • Raincoat "Jenny"

    from €549.00

    Our raincoat "Jenny" is made with all the classic trench coat details: epaulets, deep flap pockets and a quilted belt are just as much a part of the features as the top sleeves and buttoned front and back cape collars. Concise detail at the back of this coat is a deep box pleat.

  • Opera Cloak "Carlotta"


    Our coat Carlotta is a dream came true for all fans of extravagant PU-fashion: As a mixture of classic trench coat and elegant evening coat, this model is suitable both for the evening opera visit as well as for the everyday evening walk. A real eye-catcher is the wide-swinging rock section with a gigantic seam width of ten meters. Classic trench coat details such as buttoned front and back cape collars s give this model its finishing touch.

  • Raincoat "Carla"

    from €479.00

    Are you looking for an extra wide-cut raincoat? Then our model Carla is just right for you: Almost like a tent, this coat reaches (depending on its length) hem widths beyond four meters. Even a thick winter jacket fits under it - adverse winter weather will not stop you from taking a walk in the rain, snow and sleet. Even a small backpack for longer hikes or a handbag will certainly find space under the protective vinyl material. Another special feature is the long front zipper.

  • 3/4 coat "Lena"

    from €549.00

    State-of-the-art and really fashionable, that's how our short coat "Lena" presents itself. Due to its short cut also suitable for summer, a small front yoke which can be buttoned over the closed lapels protects against sudden rain showers in spring or autumn. Due to the belt, the two continuous sleeve straps with buckles and the small collar, this model becomes a noble short trench coat.