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  • Sou'wester "Fiete"

    from €46.22

    The English call it Sou'wester, in Norway it is called Sydvest - and in Germany it is a Südwester. Our rain hat "Fiete" with its extra wide brim holds the outflowing rainwater at a sufficient distance from the collar. So no cold raindrops will flow into the collar and down your neck. In addition to that, such a Sou'wester made of vinyl is also quite fashionable!

  • Balloon Hat "Louanne"

    from €57.98

    In the 1910s and 1920s, the so calles balloon hat was popular as a work cap or cap of the lower classes, especially for men. Today, this particular beanie shape comes as a trendy accessory and fashion statement. For fashion lovers, who always liked it a bit more conspicuous, we now also have a balloon hat in our range: "Louanne". Of course made of vinyl material.