Rain Capes

May it be an extravagant vinyl cape with a tippet and a colored vinyl lining? Or rather a simple rain cape in a subtle color? Our range of rainwear is extremely diversified, in some cases additional customization options are available. If you do not find what you are looking for, just describe us your wishes. We are pleased to send you an individual offer.

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  • Rain Cape "Mia"

    from €268.07

    You want to be equally well dressed and having dry clothes during rain? Then you should take a look at our Cape "Mia": This classic rain cape makes you always look good - especially when you've been left out in the rain. The detachable hood is quite functional and can be lashed or loosened as required thanks to a drawstring and two closing straps.

  • 3/4 Cape "Dunya"

    from €167.23

    Even in spring and summer a fashionable rain cape should not be missing in your wardrobe - be it for pragmatic or for styling reasons. Our short cape "Dunya" is a perfect companion on rainy summer days. With its modern style and in a color of your choice, it can be a striking part of your outfit and protects you against rain.

  • Cape "Jane"

    from €452.94

    Noble and exclusive, these are the words you are looking for when describing our model "Jane". It's mostly the long detachable tippet, which helps to make this extraordinary raincape standing out. It almost does not matter whether you choose a bright or a subtle color: this garment puts its wearer in any case in the center. In conjunction with the cape, the adjustable hood protects extremely well against rain and wind. The contrasting vinyl lining creates a fitting accent and underscores the high-quality picture that this cape already shows.

  • Cape "Rose"

    from €192.44

    An extra-high collar and short style are the two salient features that characterize our model "Rose". Wear this beautiful polyester lined vinyl cape for a walk, a night out or any other occasion - it just always fits.

  • Wintercape "Ekaterina"


    A vinyl cape with a warm lining made of faux fur? Of course: So that our vinyl lovers will not have to go out without their beloved material in winter, there is now our wintercape "Ekaterina"! Intricately processed in proven RIMO quality, this wonderful garment is provided with a great lining of faux fur. Selectable is one of five different fur patterns. So you get protected from cold and wet during the cold season and at the same time look really gorgeous!

  • Quilted Wintercape...

    from €545.38

    Even in winter, nobody has to pass on his beloved vinylcape when going outisde. An appropriate lining makes it possible - and in the case of our model "Brigitte" this means: A two-centimeter thick padding, stitched between the inner and outer material. This gives this winter-ready cape an equally unique and idiosyncratic look. By the way, coats, capes and jackets in quilted design are quite popular, especially in Russia. And slowly this trend spills over into our western realm.

  • Cape "Nostalgia"

    from €167.23

    Sometimes old things come back in fashion - that's just the case with our nostalgic cape, which we have appropriately named "Nostalgia". This model is based on a timeless Cape cut from the 1920s and 1930s. But the special feature of this garment is the included classic headscarf, which at that time was typically worn by the fashion-conscious woman as a fashionable accessory. In the case of "Nostalgia", this headgear naturally is made of the best vinyl material.

  • Cape "Alina"


    Except for the round metal buttons not quite as conspicuous, our Cape Alina is also suitable for all those of you who do not like it fashionably too extroverted. Other concealed snaps under the visible front button placket and that lovely RIMO standard hood with a drawcord also make this model storm- and weatherproof. You are up to some relaxed walks in stormy autumn weather or at the rough sea? Nothing stands in your way with this Cape equipped!

  • Cape "Iris"

    from €251.26

    Our cape "Iris" doesn't need any day creams or moisturizing masks: it's wrinkles only give it its unique character. The intentionally wrinkled back not only makes it eye-catching, but also promises an extra degree of freedom of movement when worn. Other significant details are the ten centimeter high collar and the two buttoned arm slits. The hood, which can be fastened with snaps, can be lashed wind-tight by a drawstring and two closing latches.

  • Cape "Barbara"

    from €335.29

    Really, a rain cape with a belt? Well, it's those crazy designers over at RIMO, who came up with this strange idea: Our model Barbara comes as a particularly eye-catching garment and stands out clearly from classic capes by its included belt. Anyways, it also comes with all the features you would expect from a high quality rain cape: A Hood with a drawstring and adjustable locking latches, a tippet and a storm-proof button row at the front. All these details allow different wearing styles. A complete vinyl lining completes this really extravagant design.

  • Cape "Dina"

    from €251.26

    Our model "Dina" impresses with a simple design and maximum freedom of movement due to extra-long arm slits and a box pleat in the back. Probably the most striking feature of this rain cape is the attached hood. A total of eight ventilation eyelets in the back ensure that you do not need to sweat unnecessarily even at higher temperatures.

  • Cape "Donna"

    from €209.24

    Did you ever ask yourselves, if there is an absolut classic in our range of products? If you did, here is your answer: Absolutely! "Donna" is one of the first rain capes ever made by RIMO. As simple as it is, this model has become an absolute favorite among our customers. The hood fastened with snaps on the Cape protects against rain if necessary. An approximately ten centimeter high collar, two buttoned arm slits and concealed press buttons as a front closure make this vinylcape a wonderful and versatile companion for any occasion.