Fall and Winter Fashion

  • Vinyl Puffer Jacket "Ralf"

    from €419.33

    A wise man once said: PVC/PU always works on clothing - even in winter. And as we totally agree to this, we came up with the design idea for "Ralf". Despite the exaggerated use of vinyl material you know us for, this quilted jacket is totally winterproof and keeps your body warm even under outside freezing conditions - thanks to its two centimeters thick padding.

  • Vinyl Puffer Jacket "Liam"

    from €394.12

    You do not want to give up on your beloved vinyl fabric, but do also want wrap yourself up in warm clothing for your winter walks and strolls? Or are you just looking for an extraordinary winter jacket that stands out from the mainstream? Then our quilted vinyl jacket "Liam" is just the right choice. Available in all colors of our extensive vinyl color chart, the polyester padding of this jacket keeps you warm in the cold season and attracts positive attention at the same time.

  • Quilted Coat "Demian"

    from €646.22

    If winter temperatures prevail outside, but you still do not want to miss a walk in your beloved vinyl material: Our model "Demian" is your solution. Particularly designed for the cold season, this winter coat is based on the quilted design, which is very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. A two centimeter thick padding keeps you warm even at temperatures below freezing. A tight-fitting hood and a drawstring at the waist also prevent the cold air from entering the inside of this garment. Wrapped up like this, even the deepest winter cannot harm you!

  • Quilted Coat "Wanda"


    Our quilted coat "Wanda" makes makes a perfect winter garment: With a tailored fit, a two-way zipper and a hood, this vinyl winter coat defies even icy temperatures and snowfall. The two-centimeter thick padding keeps the inside of this coat nice and warm, while you are enchanting the winter landscape with this wonderful glossy vinyl material on the outside.

  • Romantic Cape "Arwen"


    Ever wanted to go for a stroll along the lake in the evening moonlight "elfin type" like in a fairy tale? Visit the opera wrapped in an extravagant cape? Or just being draped in beautiful vinyl clothes to attract the attention of others? Then treat yourself to our romantic vinyl cape "Arwen" and let your dreams come true: With its extra large hemline and wide-cut hood, this garment could have arisen directly from a fairytale.

  • Wintercape "Ekaterina"


    A vinyl cape with a warm lining made of faux fur? Of course: So that our vinyl lovers will not have to go out without their beloved material in winter, there is now our wintercape "Ekaterina"! Intricately processed in proven RIMO quality, this wonderful garment is provided with a great lining of faux fur. Selectable is one of five different fur patterns. So you get protected from cold and wet during the cold season and at the same time look really gorgeous!

  • Cape "Arnold"

    from €469.75

    When we designed our model "Arnold", we had those many fans of heavy rainwear among you in mind, who always wanted a classic raincoat made of heavy latex rubber. No need to wait any longer: Our Cape "Arnold" meets all the requirements for useful rainwear and combines these elements with the sensual features of our high-quality latex material.

  • Coat "Gunnar"

    from €671.43

    Gunnar and Guido are brothers - well, at least they are largely based on the same cut. The only exception: Gunnar captivates with rather extraordinary and eye-catching epaulets. This gives the wearer of this coat an extremely broad shoulder and therefore a rather awesome look. Otherwise, what also applies to Guido: This coat is one of the most striking of RIMO and almost resembles a status symbol.

  • Trenchcoat "Martin"

    from €552.94

    Our model "Martin" is one of the very few storm raincoats in our product range. This very special coat protects you against absolutely adverse weather conditions. High wind strength and downpour? No problem: Simply pull on the hood with a drawstring, close the 14 centimeter high collar over your mouth and button-up the detachable extra storm-flap further up over your nose - now you are completely prepared against the whipping spray of the rough sea or the rain from above.