"Latex" and "coat", that fits like "beach" and "sea" or "house" and "garden". That is why we have been offering an extensive collection of latex coats for quite some time now - from trenchoats and 3/4coats to extremely expensive luxury coats made of high-quality latex material you will find everything you are looking for in our RIMO webshop. Choose one of four latex thicknesses and choose your favorite color from our large color chart!

  • 3/4 Latex Coat "Bea"

    from €578.99

    This coat fits easily on every occasion: Thanks to its high-necked trench coat cut, our model "Bea" is perfectly suitable for everyday use. Whether as a fashion accessory or as a light rain cover - with this 3/4 coat you always cut a good figure. The practical fastening by and the fashionable collar are pleasing details.

  • Latex Chasuble "Zarah"

    from €469.75

    As a real latex fan, you naturally want to wear your favorite clothes the whole year round - which proves to be quite a challenge for the body's heat balance, especially in the warm summer months. Well, lucky you! Due to its variability and the sleeveless cut, our latex chasuble "Zarah" is perfect for balmy summer rain showers.

  • Latex Coat "Larissa"

    from €838.66

    This latex coat is an absolute eye-catcher - no matter to the occasion. With its beautifully waisted cut and the latex material that adapts to any of your movements, our model "Larissa" emits an erotic crackle that is unparalleled. At the same time, this garment gives its wearer an equally feminine and austere appearance.

  • Trenchcoat "Carmen"

    from €805.04

    Beautifully tailored and with a figure-hugging cut our model "Carmen" emphasizes the female figure in exactly the right places and leaves certainly some men's hearts beat faster. Combined with color-matching or contrasting high-heels, this extraordinary coat will bring a feminine elegance to the street that is second to none. Incidentally, coat Carmen is particularly attractive when worn ankle-length.

  • Latexcoat "Cornelia"

    from €629.41

    Waisted and with a far-swinging skirt part comes our latex coat "Cornelia". Due to the special cut, this coat model gives each of your movements that wonderful feminine touch which lets men's hearts race.

  • Rubbercoat "Dita"

    from €713.45

    It does not always have to be dainty-elegant: our model "Dita" comes along rather bulky-rough and gives you a completely different appearance during the walk. Exalted glances from evasing pedestrians are sure to come as you perform this garment with self-confident stride and your head held high. Try it. But beware: This coat is made of heavy latex material and is best worn by sufficiently muscular and practiced shoulders.

  • Rubbercoat "Geraldine"

    from €956.30

    Each of our latex coats is very impressing. With our model "Geraldine" we have a set on it: Numerous details such as back pleat, yoke and various straps make this rubber coat in conjunction with the high-quality and heavy latex material used one of our most elaborate and eye-catching products ever. Treat yourself to this luxury coat and give your appearance a completely new presence!

  • Rubbercoat "Grace"

    from €654.62

    It is no coincidence, that we gave this coat its name "Grace": This garment gives its wearer a very graceful appearance and a graceful gait - at the same time he makes you look dominant and self-confident. If you have always wanted to combine these qualities or emphasize them further, Grace is exactly the right choice!

  • 3/4 Trench Coat "Camilla"

    from €385.71

    In addition to our many long coats and capes, we also offer short coats for warmer autumn and spring days - now also made of latex. Our 3/4 trench coat "Camilla" optimally complements our range of latex clothing and is perfect as a "transitional coat" between summer and winter or winter and summer. With unfastened buttons it looks really casual, fastened it protects you reliable against wind and rain.