Best sellers

  • Cape "Kurtis"

    from €352.10

    No matter if it's the weather, the material or other reasons: sometimes you just want to "cuddle" yourself into your cape and close yourself off from the outside world. Thanks to its tight-fitting hood with a drawstring, our Cape "Kurt" offers exactly this possibility. A deep box pleat in the back and two buttoned arm holes provide ample room for movement.

  • 3/4 coat "Lena"

    from €461.34

    State-of-the-art and really fashionable, that's how our short coat "Lena" presents itself. Due to its short cut also suitable for summer, a small front yoke which can be buttoned over the closed lapels protects against sudden rain showers in spring or autumn. Due to the belt, the two continuous sleeve straps with buckles and the small collar, this model becomes a noble short trench coat.

  • Cape "Donna"

    from €209.24

    Did you ever ask yourselves, if there is an absolut classic in our range of products? If you did, here is your answer: Absolutely! "Donna" is one of the first rain capes ever made by RIMO. As simple as it is, this model has become an absolute favorite among our customers. The hood fastened with snaps on the Cape protects against rain if necessary. An approximately ten centimeter high collar, two buttoned arm slits and concealed press buttons as a front closure make this vinylcape a wonderful and versatile companion for any occasion.

  • Rain Jacket "Wolfgang"

    from €251.26

    Straightforward and pragmatic, that's how our rain jacket "Wolfgang" is best described in a few words. We have limited its design and cut to those aspects that you really want from a rock solid rain jacket: hood, zipper with a cover placket and pockets. This way, "Wolfgang" is equally reliable rain garment and everyday companion, without attracting too much attention. For those who like it a bit more extravagant, it's possible to have a contrast-colored soft-plastic lining.

  • Jeans "Nico"

    from €167.23

    Jeans are usually made of a sturdy, blue cotton twill. But in the long run that is a bit boring, right? At least, that's what we thought und therefor used our proven robust vinyl material to produce the first RIMO-Jeans. So, if you've always wanted a slightly fancier pair of jeans, our "Nico" is the perfect choice.

  • Latex Jeans "Robert"

    from €209.24

    Yet today's customers expect something more. More latex for example. In this sense a latex pants as a complement to our other latex outerwear would be a perfect choice. Our latex jeans "Robert" is a good fit then: Designed in a classic denim cut, these pants will match any outfit.

  • Latex Shirt "David"

    from €167.23

    There are surely enough shirts made of classic shirt fabric in your closet. So, how about a change - and a fancy latex shirt? Our model "Robert" is the perfect complement to your wardrobe. Whether as an eye-catcher at parties or for a little fun in private - this garment extends your style horizons in its very own way!

  • Cape "Iris"

    from €251.26

    Our cape "Iris" doesn't need any day creams or moisturizing masks: it's wrinkles only give it its unique character. The intentionally wrinkled back not only makes it eye-catching, but also promises an extra degree of freedom of movement when worn. Other significant details are the ten centimeter high collar and the two buttoned arm slits. The hood, which can be fastened with snaps, can be lashed wind-tight by a drawstring and two closing latches.

  • Long Skirt "Lea"

    from €108.40

    A long skirt like "Lea" is a must-have evening wear: with its beautiful length, this extremely slim and form-fitting cut model can be an elegant appearance for any occasion. With matching high heels and a sexy bodice, you can put on erotic accents, which can be further underscored by pulling the back and bottom opening zippers as far open as you like. In combionation with a more subtle wardrobe, Lea fits almost every daily occasion.

  • Coat "John"

    from €335.29

    Unobtrusive and absolutely suitable for everyday use, that's our model "John". With its straight cut this coat looks downright sporty. Ample storage space for everyday items is offered by two outer flap pockets and a buttoned inside pocket. The hood can be detached by buttons.

  • Coat "Torben"

    from €284.87

    Elegant simplicity or simple elegance? Choose your style: Our coat model "Torben" convinces with its narrow cut all the way. The simple design is broken only by one detail: The high-buttoned stand-up collar directly catches one's eye. A stiffened belt ensures a nice fit. An inner lining is possible for a surcharge.

  • Shirt "David"

    from €99.16

    Shirts can be classic and simple or fancy and extravagant. Our model "David" is both: It is based on a classic shirt cut , the desired amount of extravagance is provided by the vinyl material we use. Subtle: With a matte color choice it is hardly noticeable that this garment is not made of "normal" shirt fabric ...