Merry X-mas & Happy New Year!

Published : 12/24/2019 12:55:57
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Merry X-mas & Happy New Year!

Love, reflection, calm and festivity. For many of us, the Christmas season is an opportunity to go back in time, review the past year and enjoy a few days off. We also use the occasion of the coming holidays and the turn of the year to look back at the past year.

Once again, eventful and exciting 12 months are behind us. The year began with our first trade fair visit since the handover of the company to Tobias Ritter in early 2018: On January 13, 2019 we visited Honeyland in the Delta Music Park Essen. We were on site with our own booth and also held a small fashion show, which was accompanied by the great glampop artist Matthew Wood.

Videos and photos of Honeyland and our fashion show can be found in the corresponding blog entry.

Videos and photos of Honeyland, our booth there and our fashion show can be found in the corresponding blog entry. Have fun watching!

-> Blog entry: Video & photos: RIMO @ Honeyland

RIMO at Fashion Week Berlin 2019

Afterwards, Androgyn model Veit Alex, best known from print media and radio among others, visited Fashion Week Berlin 2019 with some of our outfits.

Pink Vinyl Outfit by RIMO Fashion White Vinyl Trenchcoat by RIMO Fashion

-> Blog entry: RIMO @ Fashion Week Berlin 2019

There was also another collaboration with Matthew Wood, to whom we provided some outfits for the production of his latest music video"Naked".

-> Blog entry: 'Naked' video by Matthew Wood

RIMO in Tattoo Erotica Magazine # 48

The year ended with another highlight for us: Dear Cassidy Rose, known under this pseudonym as a tattoo model and columnist, was so enthusiastic about our appearance at Honeyland 1.0 that it became a column with an accompanying photo shoot in the Issue # 48 of the print magazine "Tattoo Erotica" came over us.

Lackmode von RIMO Fashion Tattoo Erotica Cover Lackcapes von RIMO Fashion

-> Blog entry: RIMO in Tattoo Erotica # 48

Merry Christmas and an exciting 2020!

So much has happened again in the past 12 months - and that shall continue in 2020. More photo shoots are planned, we will certainly take part in selected trade fairs and fashion shows again. And of course we are again designing numerous new products - both according to your and our ideas. Of course, other projects and innovations are also being planned. More on that in January 2020.

In the meantime, we wish our customers, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas, a few peaceful holidays and a good start into the new year!

Pinkes Lackoutfit von RIMO Fashion