New: men's suit made of latex

Published : 02/05/2020 14:48:16
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New: men's suit made of latex

A suitable occasion to put on a suit again can easily be found: business appointments, business lunches, weddings, anniversaries - or simply because it fits well and you feel comfortable in it. But sometimes it should be a little bit more extravagant . Regardless of whether there is a very special opportunity or if you just want to stand out from the gray mass of standard suits: With a men's suit made entirely of latex material you are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.

A suit is part of the basic equipment of a well-groomed men's wardrobe. It provides a professional, elegant look and gives the wearer self-confidence - especially when it is made of latex. That is why we designed our new model "George". Four-piece, consisting of a latex shirt, latex suit pants, latex jacket and latex tie, this combination is your elegant and extravagant companion for the very special occasions.

Choose your desired suit colors from our extensive latex color palette and expand your wardrobe with a fancy and eye-catching new option!

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Photos of our RIMO latex suit "George"

In our photo studio we took some photos of our new latex suit. You can see our latex suit "George" made of 0.5 mm latex material in the color nightshade blue (# S121) [tie], 0.5 mm latex material in the color metallic silver (# M70) [shirt] and 0.7 mm latex material in nightshade blue (# S121) [trousers and jacket]. Of course you can also choose any other color combination from our extensive range of colors.

Herren-Latexanzug Herren-Latexanzug Herren-Latexanzug

Herren-Latexanzug Herren-Latexanzug