New: Quilted Vinyl Jacket 'Liam'

Published : 11/26/2019 11:21:17
Categories : RIMO

New: Quilted Vinyl Jacket 'Liam'

Warmly dressed and protected from wind, rain and snow through the cold season - that may sound like a challenge at first glance. Especially if you do not want to give up your beloved vinyl fabric material in fall and winter - or simply love extravagant outfits.

To solve this dilemma we designed our Quilted Vinyl Jacket Ralf some years ago. And as this model found so much appeal to you, we have taken your ideas and suggestions as an opportunity to give "Ralf" a "little" brother: Liam.

Our newest quilted winter vinyl jacket is equipped with an about two centimeters thick padding made of 100% polyester, so that you defy even cold temperatures in it, while others see you wearing the proven RIMO vinyl fabric material in a shiny or matte color of your choice. A polyester lining completes the jacket.

To give the cold air no simple chance to get inside this jacket, we have equipped "Liam" with knit cuffs on the sleeve seams and the jacket's hem. The front zipper can be closed some centimeters further up into the hood (up to the chin), so that your neck is well protected against stormy weather.

Photos of our Quilted Vinyl Winter Jacket "Liam"

In our photo studio, of course, we shot some photos of our new quilted jacket model. You can see our winter jacket "Liam" here made of 200g/m² vinyl fabric in the color metallic silver (#mt46). Of course, you can also choose any other color from our extensive color palette.

Lack-Steppjacke vorn Lack-Steppjacke nah Lack-Steppjacke hinten