New: Reversible Cape 'Arwen'

Published : 12/16/2019 10:10:06
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New: Reversible Cape 'Arwen'

Shiny, striking vinyl fabric on the outside, and cuddly soft cotton velvet on the inside? Or would you prefer the other way round and only let the glossy vinyl flash subtly here and there during your movement? Whichever variant you choose is up to you with our Cape "Arwen"!

Our latest reversible cape is made from our proven and high quality vinyl fabric a color of your choice on the one side. The other side consists of supple and fine cotton velvet.

The hood that can be attached and detached by buttons and offers further possible combinations, as it can also be switched to its vinyl or velvet side.

With about five meters hem width , our Cape "Arwen" is particularly wide swinging. This is underlined by the slightly longer cut at the back, so that the cape glides elegantly over the floor with every movement.

This cape is closed with a front zip . Alternatively, you can just close the fastener on the collar and allow the cape to playfully wiggle with your movements or in the wind.

This cape is a perfect fir for elegant occasions - whether it's an evening opera visit or dinner in the exclusive restaurant. Or should it be your fairytale companion during the evening stroll in the moonlight?

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Photos of our Reversible Cape "Arwen"

Of course again we took some photos of our new Reversible Cape in our photo studio. On these you can see our romantic cape "Arwen" made of 200g/m² vinyl fabric in the color red (#45) and black cotton velvet. Of course you can also choose any other color from our extensive range of colors. Please contact us for other possible velvet colors.

Lack-Wendecape Wendecape nah Wendecape Lack/Samt

Customer Photos

The very first copy of this new RIMO cape went to a particularly good and long RIMO customer and friend. The following photos, which he enthusiastically sent us shortly after receiving the package, show how our Cape "Arwen" presents itself in a more natural environment:

Lack-Wendecape Wendecape nah Wendecape Lack/Samt