New: Vinyl Outfit 'Johanna'

Published : 06/19/2019 10:04:22
Categories : RIMO

New: Vinyl Outfit 'Johanna'

In the past, we have repeatedly proven that we can produce not only high-quality and exclusive rainwear but also more unusual garments from latex and vinyl fabrics. Now a new, exciting outfit extends our product range: "Johanna" consists of a wide swinging skirt and an unusual blouse with eye-catching puffed sleeves.

Said puffed sleeve blouse "Johanna" (single price: 159 Euro) is the undisputed highlight of this costume. Mainly made of our high-quality vinyl fabric, the puff sleeves and the collar on the other hand are made of pure PVC (100% polyvinyl chloride) with a floral pattern and clearly stand out.

The outfit is completed by our ankle-length vinyl skirt "Johanna" (single price: 149 Euro). Its large hem allows it to resonate sensually with every movement you make.

Photos and video footage of vinyl outfit "Johanna"

From our big photo shoot at the end of 2018, of course, some photos and a short video of this beautiful outfit emerged. You can see our outfit "Johanna" in the recommended color white (300g-Vinyl- #2005) with transparent PVC and an always white floral print. Of course, you can also choose any other color from our large color chart.

You can see the complete vinyl outfit in motion in this video from our photo shoot: