Photos & Video: Vinyl Cape 'Dirk'

Published : 02/05/2020 15:47:28
Categories : RIMO

Photos & Video: Vinyl Cape 'Dirk'

Do you already know our rain cape "Dirk" ? No? Then it's about time: Due to its simple, classic style , this vinyl cape is one of our most popular items. The timeless style blends into any everyday situation - especially in muted colors such as black, gray and dark blue. It becomes even more subtle with matt colors.

With our extensive range of colors , you don't need to demonstrate restraint: you can choose from almost 100 different colors - from an erotic red and eye-catching metallic pink to completely unusual and funky colors such as metallic peppermint green.

Your rain cape in the color metallic freesia yellow (#mt51) will also be unique in the street scene. On the one hand, your yellow vinyl cape is still considered a classic rainwear, but when you take a closer look it reveals its unusual peculiarity through its metallic sparkle design.

Photos of RIMO Rain Cape "Dirk"

But enough of the debauched words: How our men's vinyl cape "Dirk" made of 200g paint material looks like in the color metallic freesia yellow (# mt51), is being shown by the following photos:

Yellow Vinyl Cape Yellow Rain Cape Yellow Vinyl Cape

Vinyl Cape "Dirk" on Video

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