'Naked'-Song by Matthew Wood

Published : 05/09/2019 12:28:36
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'Naked'-Song by Matthew Wood

#shiny #jazzy #funky #colorful - these are the attributes that define us and our RIMO products for years now. And where would our designs fit better under this premise than in a music video full of ecstatic euphoria, pure joie de vivre and enjoyment of bright colors? 

That's right, so we did not have to think to long when Matthew Wood to asked us for some more colorful splashes of color for his already extremely colorful music video shoot last year. 

The result is available on YouTube for several weeks: Matthew Wood released "Naked" in April, the second single release from his debut album "Spectrum of a Sinner" and simultaneously celebrated the appropriate video premiere.

For an interfaith ethic of love and tolerance 

"Naked" tells of the joie de vivre and harmony with one's own identity. Exemplarily the music video begins with the lethargic space of the sinners, who have been condemned for ages to receive the birth of shame repeatedly. Then God speaks to Matthew by phone and clarifies an old misunderstanding of his words. Glitz, glamor, lightness and lust for life return to paradise:

If you like the Song and Matthew Wood you can find "Naked" on Spotify and Apple Music. Have fun!