Vinyl-Winterjacket 'Ralf'

Published : 01/08/2019 09:29:40
Categories : RIMO

Vinyl-Winterjacket 'Ralf'

Last year, we announced that we would regularly be presenting new or newly photographed models from our product range in the months ahead in our blog section. Naturally, we would like to fulfill this good new year's resolution directly - our quilted vinyl jacket "Ralf" makes the first step.

This procut was designed to give all vinyl fabric fans among you the chance to wear a piece of clothing from their favorite material even in the cold seasons. With its two-centimeter thick, quilted padding, this winter jacket keeps you warm inside, while our proven vinyl fabric shines on the outside.

The detachable hood, which is also lined with a quilted padding, protects you from rain, sleet and snow. A cover strip above the zipper keeps the wind out even in stormy weather. Further details about this beautiful winter jacket can be found on the product page in our webshop.

Photos and video of our winter jacket "Ralf"

During our photo shoot last November, we had the opportunity to redesign our patent quilted jacket "Ralf". The pictured model is made of 200g paint material in the color Aster blue (# 07). The lining is made of dark gray polyester.

Would you like to see this vinyl winter jacket in action? Even then we have a solution: We used the opportunity of the photo shoot and made some videos of the photographed products. The first result is provided by the following YouTube video:

We will gradually upload more product videos to YouTube and integrate them into the corresponding product pages of our webshop. Just subscribe to our new YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on upcoming uploads.