Rain Capes

If you like our latex raincoats you will love our latex capes! Elaborately sewn (not glued!) And equipped with all the details you could want from a rain cape, our RIMO capes offer both protection against rain and are not to be overlooked. You can choose between different material thicknesses in different colors - for details, see our latex color chart on the respective product pages.

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  • Capelet "Geneviève"


    Allow yourself to get carried away by this awesome combination of shiny latex and vinyl in the style of the 1930s: Our classic latex short cape with polyester lining and facings made of vinyl fabric completes any of your outfits in an elegant way.

  • Cape "Kerstin"

    from €335.29

    No matter if it's the weather, the material or other reasons: sometimes you just want to "cuddle" yourself into your cape and close yourself off from the outside world. Thanks to its tight-fitting hood with a drawstring, our Cape "Kerstin" offers exactly this possibility. A deep box pleat in the back and two buttoned arm holes provide ample room for movement.

  • Storm Cape "Caprice"

    from €654.62

    Simply gigantic: With its impressive seam width of up to eight meters, our storm-resistant latex cape "Caprice" brings some weight on the scales. The tight-fitting hood has an additional zipper that closes the lower part from the chin to the tip of the nose. This way, wind and rain can hardly harm you anymore!

  • Cape "Celine"

    from €469.75

    When we designed our model "Celine", we had those many fans of heavy rainwear among you in mind, who always wanted a classic raincoat made of heavy latex rubber. No need to wait any longer: Our Cape "Celine" meets all the requirements for useful rainwear and combines these elements with the sensual features of our high-quality latex material.

  • Cape "Donna"

    from €352.10

    Did you ever ask yourselves, if there is an absolut classic in our range of products? If you did, here is your answer: Absolutely! "Donna" is one of the first rain capes ever made by RIMO. As simple as it is, this model has become an absolute favorite among our customers. And now it is even available made of latex! The hood is fastened with snaps and protects against rain if necessary. An approximately ten centimeter high collar, two buttoned arm holes and concealed press buttons as a front closure make this cape a wonderful and versatile companion for any occasion.

  • Cape "Dora"

    from €360.50

    In order to keep you fashionably up-to-date and always well-dressed even during the rainy season, we have designed our Cape "Dora". This classic rain cape comes with all the elements you would expect from such a garment. At the end of the day Dora is a latex cape which doesn't leave anything to be desired!

  • Cape "Dunja"

    from €368.91

    Dora and Dunja could almost be identical twins - if there weren't those two front yokes, which significantly influence the visual appearence of Dunja. Ultimately, it't probably a matter of personal taste which of the variants you prefer. Classic, stylish and weatherproof are both our cape models.

  • Cape "Hanna"

    from €436.13

    An elegant and sophisticated latex cape - this is our model "Hanna". Elaborate piping buttonholes, latex-covered buttons and a detachable hood underline this luxurious claim. A large back pleat ensures ample room for movement. A vinyl-backing provides the necessery stability to the buttonable elements of this garment.