Read about RIMO in Tattoo Erotica

Published : 11/26/2019 12:23:22
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Read about RIMO in Tattoo Erotica

Bright colors and exciting designs - that applies to both our rainwear and tattoos. So why not combine both? Already done: In the latest issue (#48) of the german magazine "Tattoo Erotica" you can find out how to get stylish and sexy through the wet and cold season. We will tell you the answer (which you as a loyal RIMO customer certainly already know) in advance: with RIMO Fashion of course!

The wonderful "Cassidy Rose", well known as a tattoo model and columnist, visited our studio in Wuppertal last month and informed herself in detail about our product range. In her Tattoo Erotica Column , she'll tell you what she thinks about our vinyl garments and what rainwear has to do with fetish clothing.

The article itself is decorated with some great photos shot by photographer Joy Beck. As models, Mandy Xotoxic and Cassidy herself were in front of the camera. For the photo shoot we have provided two slightly modified variants of our rain cape "Donna", a short cape "Dunya", an outfit "Mascha" as well as some boleros and skirts made of vinyl fabric.

Photos from the Tattoo Erotica shoot

A small selection of photos from the shoot for Tattoo Erotica Issue 48 can be found below:

Tattoo Erotica - RIMO Fashion Tattoo Erotica - Issue 48 Tattoo Erotica - RIMO Fashion

The Tattoo Erotica Magazine can be found at well-stocked german newsagents. The Column on Vinyl Clothing, Rainwear and RIMO Fashion is included in issue #48.