RIMO wishes Happy Easter!

Published : 04/03/2021 12:00:00
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RIMO wishes Happy Easter!

The Easter festival somehow promises a new beginning, so to speak. According to Christian belief, Jesus is risen and the Christian world celebrates the highest feast in the liturgical year. But furthermore nature is getting greener and more colorful and spring promises the first warm sunshine.

We would like to tie in with this feeling of a colorful new time of the year at this point and send colorful and cheerful greetings to all friends, customers and business partners of RIMO Fashion!

And to make spring and the rest of the year really colorful, we take the opportunity to re-introduce you to our pillow collection.

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Shiny and colorful vinyl pillows made by RIMO

The keywords #shiny #jazzy #funky and #colorful are already connected to the name RIMO. And what used to be popular for our rain and street fashion can also be found in your home, if you like: Our 40x40 cm pillows are available in all colors which can be found in the large RIMO color chart - either single- or twocolored. Last not only applies to front and back, but also for a one-sided cross striation or an oblique longitudinal division. Just watch for yourself:


Or do you have any other ideas for your special and exclusive pillow design? Let us know!

RIMO Easter Special - Color up your life!

As a small Easter gift and to re-introduce our vinyl pillows we give you one pillow in a random color as a gift to every order druing the easter holidays. The pillow will be enclosed with the package when shipping your ordered item(s). This campaign runs until April 11, 2021 and is valid once per customer.

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