Latex Suit "George"

Latex Suit "George"

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Hardly any other clothing combination dresses a man as well as a men's suit. The classic two-piece set, consisting of pants and jacket, is almost a must-have in every wardrobe. The same applies to our elegant latex suit "George" - it is made entirely of latex material and is made up of even four parts: a latex dress pants, a latex jacket, a latex shirt and a latex tie. An extraordinary addition to any men's wardrobe!

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Latex suit as evening wear for the extroverted gentleman

Do you like it extravagant? Then dare something unusual: In terms of cut and elegance, our latex men's suit "George" is in no way inferior to its counterparts made of cotton or silk. But thanks to its extraordinary material, it stands out clearly from the broad mass of standard suits.

Consisting of a total of four parts in the colors of your choice, "George" is your perfect companion for special occasions:

"George" Latex Dress Pants

Unit price: 349 euros

In men's fashion, pleated trousers finally became the fashionable item of clothing at the end of the 1970s. We pick up this classic trousers pattern with our latex dress pants "George" and refine it with further details. The pants are cut in a comfortable width and have a total of six belt loops made of latex, two side pockets and two back pockets with intricate piped seams. A small but fine detail is the small loop at the level of the front press stud, which serves as a holder for the belt pin.

Out latex dress pants "George" are made of 0.7 to 0.8 mm thick latex in a color of your choice. An inner lining made of polyester ensures pleasant wearing comfort on the skin.

Latex Jacket "George"

Unit price: 469 euros

The jacket is always the secret star of every suit combination for men. Our latex jacket "George" is based on a classic jacket pattern with broad shoulders and an overall loose fit. Particularly elaborate and noble: The individually made piped buttonholes. The same applies to the two side pockets, which are also fitted with elaborate piping seams. The breast welt pocket offers additional storage space, for example for a pocket square. You can easily stow your wallet and smartphone in the buttoned inner pocket.

Our latex jacket "George" is made of 0.7 to 0.8 mm thick latex in a color of your choice. The inner lining is made of polyester so that the jacket can glide smoothly on the latex shirt worn underneath.

Latex Shirt "George"

Unit price: 209 euros

A complete men's suit always needs a matching shirt. Of course, we stay true to the latex theme here too and rely on a tight-fitting latex shirt that fits comfortably between the jacket as the outer layer and your underwear. Contrasting the color, the shirt brings variety to your suit outfit. It is closed with eight push buttons. More push buttons can be found on the cuffs.

Our latex shirt "George" is made on 0.5 to 0.6 mm thick latex in a color of your choice.

Latex Tie "George"

Unit price: 59 euros

Our latex men's suit is completed by the matching latex tie. Cut extra narrow and quilted at the edges, this accessory represents both the elegant and the casual aspect of your outfit.


Sizes: see our measurements table. Special sizes that are outside of our size table may be possible for a 20% surcharge, please ask us.

Material & color: 0.5 to 0.8 mm thick latex material (made from pure, natural latex, free of silicones and other additives). Colors according to our latex color chart. In the standard version, pants and jacket are made with a matching inner polyester lining. Further/alternative options are possible on request and at an additional cost.

Product photos: You can see our men's suit "George" made of 0.5 mm latex material in the color nightshade blue (#S121) [tie], 0.5 mm latex material in the color metallic silver (#M70) [shirt] and 0.7 mm latex material in the shade of shadow blue (#S121) [trousers and jacket]. (Attention: Any shading on the photographed clothing items result from the powder of the raw material that has not yet been removed, as it protects the latex from sticking together during shipping and processing. Such residues can later be removed by clear water. Special latex polish finally gives the latex a pleasant shine)

RIMO Fashion

Data sheet

Outer Material
Natural Latex Sheeting (made from pure natural latex)

Specific References

Notes on your order

Following each order, we clarify (if necessary) further details about the dimensions required for the individual production of your ordered garment. The indication of the order size just serves as an initial orientation for us.

We are happy to receive inquiries about other special sizes that differ from our size chart via our contact form or by e-mail. We reserve the right to charge surcharges for oversize orders that deviate from the size chart because of the additional expense due to changes in cut and higher material consumption. A surcharge of 20% serves as a guideline for corresponding oversizes.


Men's Size Chart

Men's Sizes - Standard

Clothes SizeHeight Chest MeasurementWaist CirumferenceHip Size
46175-183 cm90-95 cm79-82 cm93-96 cm
48175-183 cm94-99 cm83-86 cm97-100 cm
50175-184 cm100-103 cm87-90 cm101-104 cm
52176-184 cm102-107 cm91-94 cm105-108 cm
54176-184 cm106-111 cm95-98 cm109-112 cm
56176-184 cm110-115 cm99-102 cm113-116 cm
58176-184 cm114-121 cm103-108 cm117-122 cm
60176-184 cm120-127 cm109-114 cm123-128 cm
62176-184 cm126-133 cm115-120 cm129-134 cm

Men's Sizes - Special

Clothes SizeHeightChest MeasurementWaist CircumferenceSeat MeasurementCollar Size
172-176 cm101-104 cm93-96 cm109-112 cm-
175-178 cm105-108 cm97-100 cm113-116 cm-
177-180 cm109-112 cm101-106 cm117-120 cm-
179-182 cm113-116 cm107-110 cm121-124 cm-
181-183 cm117-120 cm111-114 cm125-128 cm-
182-184 cm121-124 cm115-118 cm129-132 cm-
183-185 cm125-128 cm119-122 cm133-136 cm-
184-188 cm100-103 cm86-89 cm104-107 cm-
186-190 cm104-107 cm90-93 cm108-111 cm-
188-192 cm108-111 cm94-98 cm112-115 cm-
193-197 cm111-114 cm99-104 cm116-119 cm-
196-200 cm115-118 cm105-109 cm120-123 cm-


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Color Chart | Latex

Our latex material is available in different thicknesses depending on the color category. The colors are unfortunately very poor in the picture. If in doubt, please ask for material samples of a narrower selection of your desired colors!

Standard Colors

Available in material thickness 0.5 mm | 0.6 mm | 0.7 mm | 0.8 mm Black (S10), Red (S30), White (S180) & Royal Blue (S111) also in 1.05 mm

Black (#S10)

Plum (#S20)

Red (#S30)

Burnt Orange (#S31)

Claret (#S40)

Orange (#S50)

Yellow (#S60)

Olive Green (#S70)

Natural Green (#S80)

Jade Green (#S90)

Sand (#S100)

Mid Blue (#S110)

Royal Blue (#S111)

Light Blue (#S120)

Nightshade Blue (#S121)

Turquoise (#S125)

Chocolate Brown (#S131)

Bubblegum Pink (#S140)

Lilac (#S150)

Baby Pink (#S160)

Mannequin (#S171)

White (#S180)

Electric Colors

Available in material thicknesses 0.5 mm & 0.8 mm

Electric Rose (#E10)

Electric Leaf (#E20)

Electric Blue (E30)

Electric Lilac (#E50)

Metallic Colors

Available in material thicknesses 0.5 mm & 0.8 mm

Metallic Red (#M10)

Metallic Old Gold (#M20)

Metallic Green (M30)

Metallic Blue (#M40)

Metallic Peacock (#M41)

Metallic Purple (#M50)

Metallic Fuchsia (M60)

Metallic Silver (#M70)

Metallic Pewter (#M80)

Metallic Honey (#M90)

Metallic Black (M100)

Metallic Platinum (#M110)

Metallic Electrum (#M120)

Translucent Colors

Available in material thicknesses 0.5 mm & 0.8 mm
Translucent (T10) and translucent black (T40) also available in 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm & 1.05 mm

Translucent Natural (#T10)

Translucent Pink (#T20)

Translucent Olive (T30)

Translucent Black (#T40)

Translucent Blue (#T50)

Translucent Lilac (#T60)