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Vinyl fabric 342g/m²

After a long search, we were able to establish this new PU fabric (100% polyurethane) with a material thickness of 342g/m² as an alternative to our discontinued 300g/m² fabric. This fabric impresses with an even glossier surface, but despite its slightly higher weight it remains just as flexible as the well-known 300g alternative. The textile layer here consists of pure polyurethane fibers, which means that the entire material is slightly cross-elastic. The PU coating consists of micro-foam, which is also composed of pure polyurethane. This gives the material its typical vinyl fabric: A smooth, reflective and glossy surface, which, however, exhibits a slightly "squeaky" resistance when rubbed together.

This material is extremely suitable for our numerous cape models. But coats, jackets, skirts and dresses made of this polyurethane vinyl fabric also make a good impression. However, due to the constant friction on the inside of the legs, we recommend our 200 g vinyl material for making pants.

Vinyl fabric 300g/m²

Our PVC vinyl fabric (77% polyester, 23% polychloride) with a material thickness of 300g/m² is one of the best that the world market has to offer. This material is (or was) made in Germany and is extremely robust and durable with its PVC coating. With appropriate care, you can count on a life expectancy of the products made from it of well over ten years. Unfortunately, the production was stopped due to a lack of raw materials, so that we currently only have a few colors in stock.

This material is an absolute all-rounder and is suitable for all of the products we offer - from classic raincoats and unusual rain capes to streetwear such as trousers, skirts, dresses and shirts.

Vinyl fabric 200g/m²

Our 200g/m² heavy PU vinyl fabric  (80% polyurethane, 20% polyester) is very supple, soft and only slightly prone to creasing. We now offer this PU-coated material in over 77 (!) different colors. It is particularly suitable for lighter summer raincoats, but is also an excellent match for our wide-cut models with lush skirts - or for any other product from our extensive range.