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Asian Latex (0.5-0.6 mm und 0.7-0.8 mm)

Manufactured in Southeast Asia and imported into the European Union via the UK, this robust, high-quality latex material has proven itself over the years in our wide range of products. From trousers and skirts to dresses, suits and jackets to rain capes and raincoats, we have already made everything from the different material thicknesses.

The choice of material thickness is usually based on personal preferences: the thicker the material, the heavier the garment made from it. On long walks, especially long capes and coats with large hems can be heavy on the shoulders. On the other hand, the heavier material variant is even less susceptible to strong winds. In general, however, both strengths are very robust and heavy enough for the material to fall beautifully. In addition, a long cape, for example, does not look "fluttering" when it is windy.

Our asian latex comes in standard colors, metallic colors and slightly transparent translucent colors (the thicker the material, the less translucent the material is).

Due to the exit of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) from the European Union, there are unfortunately frequent delays due to the necessary customs clearance both when importing to England and when exporting to the European Union. The delivery times for clothing made from our asian latex can therefore be 1-2 weeks longer. We ask for your understanding.



EU Latex (0.5 mm)

Due to the long customs processing times, we looked around for alternatives and direct suppliers for our latex material in 2021 - and found what we were looking for much closer than we thought. Our EU latex is manufactured in the European Union, is of extremely high quality and benefits from short delivery routes and therefore short delivery times. We usually receive the material within 1-2 weeks after the order is placed. The production of garments amde from EU latex is therefore usually much faster than from asian latex.

Like our asian latex, this latex is made from pure, natural latex, free from silicone and other additives. The raw material comes from different regions of the world and is poured in the EU to 140 cm wide webs by the meter. For production reasons, only 0.5 mm thick material is currently available as highest material thickness. On request, however, we can also manufacture our products from 0.4 mm latex material in exceptional cases.

Our EU latex comes in standard colors, metallic colors and textured quality (satin effect, wave effect and snakeskin effect - all black).



EU Datex (0.45 mm & 0.6 mm)

An absolute world novelty is this Datex fabric, which comes from the same production as our EU Latex. The principle is similar to that of our vinyl fabric: an additional layer of natural rubber is applied to a fabric layer. The result is an extremely robust material that is less susceptible to overstretching and tearing - but from the outside it is absolutely no different from conventional latex. It is also easier to process on our sewing machines.

Datex products are very easy to put on and take off, and also do not cause excessive sweating. Datex ensures a comfortable fit with traditional latex quality at the same time.

Datex offers material thicknesses of 0.45 mm and 0.6 mm. The color selection ranges from standard colors to metallic colors to structured (satin effect, wave effect and snakeskin effect) black latex.