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Vinyl Coat "Clara"

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We have added a light spring and summer coat with a distinctive XXL collar design to our range with our vinyl coat "Clara". This coat model is sporty, modern and elegant at the same time.

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  • #15 - White

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Light summer vinyl coat

Our new model "Clara" looks sporty, relaxed and modern at the same time. The tie belt makes a wonderful waisted design and the extra large collar characterizes this coat cut. Four snaps on the front keep the coat closed even in windy conditions. Two side flap pockets offer enough space to store everyday things.

The standard length of this vinyl coat is 105 cm. Other lengths on request.

Sizes: see size chart. Special sizes that are outside of our measurement table, are available at a surcharge, please activate the corresponding option field and transmit further detail dimensions.

Material & Color: 200g/m² (80% Polyurethane, 20% Polyester) according to our color chart. Inner lining made of 100% polyester or (surcharged) made of soft plastic (100% PVC), nylon (100% polyamide) or 200g/m² vinyl fabric (see above) in a color of your choice. Other materials and inner lining variants on request.

Product Photos: You can see our coat "Clara" made from 200g vinyl fabric in the color black (#21) and white (#15), both with fitting polyester lining.


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#02 - Heaven Blue
#04 - Navy Blue
#05 - Dark Blue
#06 - Imperial Blue
#07 - Aster Blue
#08 - Dodger Blue
#09 - Turquoise Blue
#10 - River Blue
#11 - Aqua Blue
#12 - Baby Blue
#13 - Nude Pink
#14 - Pebble Beige
#15 - White
#16 - Silver
#17 - Rich Gold
#18 - Antique Gold
#19 - Chocolate Brown
#20 - Black Brown
#21 - Black
#22 - Lime Green
#24 - Kerry Green
#25 - Lemonade Yellow
#26 - Yellow
#28 - Amber Yellow
#31 - Orange Peel
#33 - Magenta Purple
#34 - Meadow Violet
#35 - Violet Tulip
#36 - Lavender
#37 - Light Lilac
#38 - Rose
#39 - Pink Carnation
#40 - Pink
#45 - True Red
#46 - Dark Red
#m01 - Matt White
#m02 - Matt Pink
#m03 - Matt Silver
#m04 - Matt Gold
#m05 - Matt Yellow
#m06 - Matt Blue
#m07 - Matt Red
#m08 - Matt Black
#m09 - Matt Royal Blue
#m15 - Matt Charcoal Grey
#mt38 - Metallic Blue
#mt40 - Metallic Red
#mt42 - Metallic Purple
#mt41 - Metallic Platinum
#mt43 - Metallic Bronze
#mt44 - Metallic Marigold
#mt45 - Metallic Gold
#mt46 - Metallic Silver
#mt48 - Metallic Azalea
#mt49 - Metallic Cream
#mt50 - Metallic Navy
#mt51 - Metallic Yellow
#mt52 - Metallic Dark Purple
#mt53 - Metallic Capri Blue
#mt54 - Metallic Macaw Green
#mt55 - Metallic Bright Violet
#mt56 - Metallic Maui Blue
#mt57 - Metallic Aqua Blue
#mt58 - Metallic Baja Blue
#mt60 - Metallic Smoke Pink
#mt61 - Metallic Super Pink
#mt62 - Metallic Peppermint Green
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Vinyl Coat "Clara"

We have added a light spring and summer coat with a distinctive XXL collar design to our range with our vinyl coat "Clara". This coat model is sporty, modern and elegant at the same time.

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